Traits of Successful CEOs

Traits of Successful CEOs
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What makes a great leader? The fate of our firm is directly linked to our team’s ability to answer this question. Like all executive search firms, our job is to find the right leaders to serve each of our clients’ organizations. What sets us apart from other firms, however, is our commitment to matching organizations with excellent faith-driven leaders whose personal and professional philosophies are in-line with the organizations’.

All too often, members of hiring committees in faith-based settings incorrectly believe that in order to find the highest-quality leader, they may have to settle for someone without a strong spiritual commitment. A common misconception among these groups is that there is such a limited pool of candidates who fit their criteria that quite simply, “something’s gotta give.”

At FaithSearch, we believe that outstanding business leadership skills and a solid spiritual base are not mutually exclusive traits. It is our goal to ensure that our clients are never forced to choose between executive competency and personal values.

We believe a great leader is made of many things. Our team of experts understands the business aspect of leadership as well as the spiritual component. We take the time to get to know our clients’ organizations inside and out before completing a thorough search to find the right person to best serve their needs.

In this video, FaithSearch Partners President, Ed Fry, discusses the traits of successful CEOs. Connect with us via Twitter or Facebook to share your thoughts about what it means to be a great leader.

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