Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
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Elevate USA is dedicated to working with students in the most challenging urban communities in America. Elevate provides a ‘pipeline’ of services to low-income students from 4th through 12th grades, as well as support for alumni as they engage in college and other post-high school training. Elevate programs radically change the life trajectory of low-income youth in every city they serve.

Elevate USA is currently seeking a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to fulfill Elevate’s mission and identify new ways for the organization to break generational cycles of poverty and failure in struggling communities. The CEO is responsible for leading the development and execution of Elevate USA’s long-term expansion strategy, with a view to creating a transformative program, both in the lives of the participating youth and the engaged community. Reporting to the Board of Directors, s/he will be responsible for articulating, promoting, and preserving Elevate’s overall mission and guiding the strategic vision and future direction of the organization. The Chief Executive Officer will embody the heart and soul of a service organization and be a leader to Elevate staff, external stakeholders, and the youth the organization seeks to serve.

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